Los Buenos Días Filmes


Central Valley , San Jose, travels to the whole country.


Cinematography for weddings.


Team of 3 girls.


Los Buenos Días Filmes name has a double meaning in Spanish, first it can be translates as “The good old days” and also as “The good morning”. Los Buenos Días is a team of 3 girls that love to tell stories and love the people they meet in the process. Ale Sura is one of the most recognized wedding and portrait photographers in Costa Rica. Ericka Mora is an incredible photographer and videographer with a special eye for the unexpected. Carmen Vargas, our editor, has years of experiences working with local and foreign projects related to editing and animating. The three of us love what we do and perfectionist characters are the most important thing we have in common when we come together film making team.


These three talented girls deliver beautiful, creative full HD films from your event. The awesome thing about their work is that they are shot by photographers (their major in college was Photography!). This gives the film a special feel since it actually has photography directors like a cinema film. Hiring both film and photo is the best choice. As a team, they know each other very well and get better results.

They offer competitive packages and pricing.

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