Hotel Camaleon – Puerto Viejo

Located at the main road of Puerto Viejo : the only 4 start boutique hotel in the area, this property is not only a perfect location for a beach front wedding, but would be great for a honeymoon.

The decoration of the rooms is unique, all white, minimalist and peaceful. I found it very sexy and serene.

The social areas are all done with great sense of comfort and beauty.

White and nature blend perfectly at the restaurant, the swimming pool and deck. The private room at the second floor , is and unique and eclectic space , with a fun flair ,I cannot wait to have a dinner reception set at this site , each piece is totally matchless, but together it creates a perfect counterpart!

Right across the street, the beach of Cocles awaits, at their beach Club.

A manicured green garden, the perfect outdoor location, where I can picture white tents, pretty dressed tables lights and lots of flowers for an enchanted wedding.