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Central Valley, San José


a family recipe to create the most delicious mouth melting south style sandwiches. Catering and home delivery service.

Big portions and small prices.

All   sandwiches are served with fresh artisan bread and coleslaw


Pulled Pork Sandwich: Slow roasted pork shoulder seasoned to perfection, served with bbq sauce.

Shrimp Po Boy: Delicious breaded shrimps, served with a fresh tartar sauce.

BBQ Chicken Gouda: Pulled chicken perfectly seasoned, served with bbq sauce and mixed with

gouda chicken for a perfect blend.

Fish Fillet: Breaded and seasoned mahi-mahi, served with a fresh tartar sauce.


Sweet Potato Fries
Bacon Jam
Cash Potatoes
Arugula Salad
Spinach Salad
Banana Pudding
Chocolate Mousse


a young group of cooking lovers, a chef, baker, product designer, all motivated entrepreneurs with   original ideas and very motivated.

They want to take the world of Sandwiches to the next level.


After trying those sandwiches, I could not believe how yummy they were!! I could not stop thinking about how to share those with my clients…

I am imaging a beach party with southern sands and artisan beer…

A relax rehearsal dinner where guest can enjoy those homey flavors and feel so comfortable and welcome…

They can travel all over the country and their prices are very convenient! This is perfect for a rental villa, for a low budget event, for an easy going couple, looking to celebrate  in a very unique way, tasty food, local goodies , all easy and relax, is a very good way, to bring the LOVE !!


Pulled Pork Sandwich: Slow roasted pork shoulder seasoned to perfection, served with bbq sauce. Minimum: 10 orders

Shrimp Po Boy: Delicious breaded shrimps, served with a fresh tartar sauce. Minimum: 10 orders.

BBQ Chicken Gouda: Pulled chicken perfectly seasoned, served with bbq sauce and mixed with gouda chicken for a perfect blend. Minimum: 10 orders

Fish Fillet: Breaded and seasoned mahi-mahi, served with a fresh tartar sauce. Minimum: 10 orders.

McNCheese: A southern classic. Mac on our special cheese sauce, simply delicious. Minimum 10 orders.

Bacon Jam: No one knows how to explain it, but everyone loves it. Something like a bacon spread with sweet and salty flavors. Minimum 8 orders.

Hummus: Not your typical gray and boring hummus. Served with pita chips with rosemary and olive oil. Minimum 7 orders.

Cash Potatoes: Hand cut potato fries with a rosemary, cayenne, and other secrets rub.

Puré: The flavors of the cash potatoes, but smashed!

Sweet Potato Fries: Hand-cut sweet potato fries seasoned with a paprika rub.

Salad: Two choices.

1- Arugula salad, cherry tomatoes, parmesan cheese, and our own dressing.
2- 2- Spinach salad with strawberries and almonds with a sweet dressing.

Banana Pudding: Unsurpassable recipe. Minimum 7 orders.

Chocolate Mousse: A fresh and delicate mousse made with the best chocolate. First time you will see someone ask for seconds. Minimum 7 orders.

Maracuyada: Family recipe with the delicious flavor of passion fruit. Minimum 7 orders


Central Valley, San José



Exfoliates, Synergy Sprays, Massage Creams and balms.


organic aromatherapy spa line special for the environmental conscious and spiritual people.

Handmade with love in Costa Rica by local woman, our pure products are produced in small batches to provide maximum freshness and natural, vibrant potential.

Their aromatherapy products are made with 100% certified organic essential oils and the finest quality ingredients.

The high vibration of our organic products create, wellbeing, consciousness and beauty from the inside out.

Inspiring the reconnection of your profound spiritual side, living moment by moment according to your inner truth and guidance.


the products, this amazing local company produce are absolutely perfect for bridesmaids gifts, or favors.

Beautifully packaging , very affordable and effective , makes your skin and your sense feel pure and free !Your  Girls would love to receive such of great local treat !!

Perfect to add to the gift bag .

Our visit to the hotel Guanamar was a total success, not only because my husband and I needed a break from work, bit because we found many pleasant surprises; starting by the fact that the drive from San Jose is only 4 hours, and the road is in perfect condition!!

As soon as we arrived we did the hotel inspection; beautiful gardens, great ocean views, nice restaurant, big pool, excellent spot for ceremonies and private Palapa for receptions, so far so good…

The hotel has gone through a renovation and we were happy to walk into our Ocean view room, with a nice big balcony , king size bed, clean and fresh colors, brand new  and best of all ; quiet air conditioning, comfortable space, fridge, TV, safety Box and convenient parking right in front of your room,  it could not  be better!

We finished our night with a cold drink at the Balcony, with the ocean breeze keeping us fresh and happy!

From the 3 different categories of rooms at the hotel, the Ocean view is by far the best one.  The hotel’s reasonable prices allows you to treat yourself!

The whole property talks about comfort more than luxury,  big open spaces, lounge chairs to see the sunset placed at intentional spots,  wood and rattan pieces of furniture that blends perfect with the vegetation  and the beautiful pops of colors giving by the mangos, flowers and birds !!

Every element is there to help you have a relaxing time, without overpowering the landscape.

Friendly local staff informed us about activities available in the area, from the hotel; such of snorkeling, sport fishing, canopy, hiking, or bikes for rent, which was our option for day 2.

After a tasty breakfast and a quick deep in the pool, off we went to Samara with our banana bikes , the ride is about 12 kilometers , but we did most of it along the beach , where palm trees keep us cool and sand offer us a nice ride…

We stopped to see the horses, the birds, and to have an ice cream and coconut water.

In the afternoon we went to take advantage of the happy hours at the many beach front bars and restaurants…  A nice variety of cocktails from Bellini , guaro sour, mango daiquiri , a delicious selection to keep you cool when watching the sunset, or the local surfers.

Carrillo Port is a long peaceful beach, with only a few people during weekends, perfect for a wedding ceremony and relaxation, but Samara is more lively; anything goes there… from food  to music, dogs playing when their owners are laying in the sun, healthy food restaurants, fruit smoothies, beach clothing for sale and much more !

At night time, yummy food will filled your tummy without emptying your pockets and you can enjoy the variety of live music available at those bars and restaurants at the same time.

I can easily picture a layback   couple having their ceremony at the beach and enjoying a bohemian/tropical reception at one of those cozy little beach restaurant, where food is tasty and prices are affordable… bohemian lights,  an eclectic beach look topped with colorful tables and sand on your feet !!

Our short, but successful visit to Samara and Carrillo was very enjoyable and we came back with wonderful ideas for our Destination Wedding clients, particularly excited about Guanamar hotel, the view, their beautiful tropical facilities and very competitive prices, makes this venue   even more appealing!

I can promise you that the area offers enough activities for everybody and the experience is going to be fun for everyone…

Colorful, natural, a fun experience;   I definitely recommend this spot for your Destination Wedding in the West Coast of Costa Rica.

Casa Las Brisas at Manuel Antonio

Casa Las Brisas at Manuel Antonio is one of our favorite places for great weddings, its beauty and natural surroundings will leave you breathless!
The House can cater up to 50 people, and it has ocean view at the top deck for a romantic ceremony and comfortable space on the back terrace for reception.
They also offer a chef included in your rental, Chef Stefano is well known in Manuel Antonio for his wonderful food , he has combined the secrets of French cuisine with the tropical and fresh flavors of Costa Rica !

Planning a wedding at this house is always a pleasure !

Photography by Ale Sura and Mike Blum

When looking for a wedding location, there are many things to be taken into consideration…

Bride and Grooms have different expectations and it is great when both of them can fulfill their hopes…

If a Bride wants a natural spot, good prices, pretty beach and town for guests to hang around – and the Groom is hoping to surf with his friends, then Playa Grande is the perfect location.

It’s a small town, next door to Tamarindo, only walking distance to the beach, Playa Grande is a great surf point, with perfect waves for the experts!

It’s also well known for being the home of the leatherback Turtles and from the middle of October to the end of February, you could experience the nesting of this amazing sea animal, but also, during those months, visitors are encouraged to restrain from visiting the beach after 6:00 pm by themselves.

The area offers wonderful houses for rent or a couple of pretty nice hotels where the party can be hosted. I especially like Bula Bula, with excellent food and services, very layback atmosphere and great prices!!

Surf, friends, relaxation, all of this can be included in your wedding day, we can host a great party at Playa Grande, Costa Rica.

Dream Destination Wedding Costa Rica

Zephyr Palace at Villa Caletas is, in my opinion the best wedding location for many reasons, but the decoration in the Champagne room is a bit too overpowering if you ask me…

However, the decorations that Daniela and Joe selected for the reception were awesome and in total balance with the colors of the Palace. The Bride wanted to use tropical flowers, but in a modern fashion, she envisioned the coral reefs, the ocean and the final creations that Floristeria Marvin came up with, they nailed her concept perfectly!

It was one of the first times I worked with this company and they were up to the expectations and more.

Not only for their professionalism, punctuality, super affordable prices, but with the huge amount of flexibility when doing the settings and adding more flowers and also because their designs where artistic and accordingly to what the couple imagined.

The church looked very elegant and the ballroom had a perfect harmony.

Please take a look at the stunning photos taking by the talented Eduardo Lopez, one of my favorite photographers, a costarican professional with the gift of turning into artistic memories everything he sees through his lens.
Being part of Daniela and Joe’s Wedding was very enjoyable, especially because we could see, one more time, how two different cultures (Costarican Bride & USA Groom) come together hand in hand when Love is the glue that joins them!

Congratulations to this beautiful couple!

LOVE , Sylvia

After a beautiful wedding in Manuel Antonio, I travelled with my husband, my sister in law and her husband to Dominical, located 30 minutes away.

We were going to spend one day at Casa Shekinah, because I wanted to see the possibilities of this property for weddings… We didn’t know what to expect, but when we walked in, we were immediately captivated by the House. This deluxe vacation home belongs to the owners of Hotel Cuna del Angel, a beautiful romantic hotel where we already had weddings before…

I knew is was going to be pretty, because the hotel is decorated with an artistic eye and top class details, but I was not expecting such special magic ! The House is located on a hill property with magnificent views to Ballena National park, especially from the observation point. 3 exquisite bedrooms with capacity for 6 to 8 people , will be the perfect place for a deluxe wedding experience.

Amazing wood craftsmanship, exquisite taste in every single detail will make you and your guest be happy and feel special. Reminiscent of a European Estate, with modern comforts.

Green gardens, generous terraces, enjoyable pool and the most singular feature; an energy of happiness and serene grace energized in the air.

For a small group, the ceremony can be hosted at the beautiful observation point, followed by Dinner under the stars or at the open terraces.

The house holds 8 people maximum, but you can host a wedding of 25 people maximum, the overflow of guests can stay at the hotel Cuna Del Angel, only 200 meters away.

Another great thing is the option of catering your dinner from the fantastic restaurant La Palapa at the hotel , the first gourmet restaurant gluten free. The food is delicious with excellent presentation, a real treat for your senses …. Lots of flavors and options, all cater to perfection and with the most fresh and healthy ingredients.

There is also a spa within the hotel facilities and many adventure tours are available at the town, from whale watching to horseback riding or hiking, nature would be the number one guest to your wedding experience.

For those who want a small affair, topped with luxury and pampering, don’t look any further, Villa Shekinah is one great option, easy accessible, with first class services at request.

It is our job to keep ourselves updated with new properties with potential for weddings.

And last low season, we visited a few renovated and improved great options.

I am not going to lie to you, all inclusives are not my first option for a wedding, but knowing that RIU Palace had been open for over a year, we decided to pay them a visit.

Arriving at night time, sexy purple and bright orange colurs welcomed us at the lobby, and after checking in, we discovered a pleasant modern décor in our room, following the same line, purple , black and white colors combined with elegance.

The next morning, we had a really nice breakfast at the buffet restaurant, the variety of food was amazing and everything was delicious and fresh!

For lunch we enjoyed a super big BBQ, including shrimps , lobster, and we had other meats for the main course…

At night time, we reserved at one of the restaurants “A la Carte” and we loved it, not only for the excellent quality of food, but also for the first class service we received all night.

Restaurante fusión “Krystal” Japanese restaurante: “Tokio”, restaurante italiano “L’Anfora”, and Grill-/Steakhouse “Papagayo”, all with delicious food , elegant decor and great presentation .

During the day, we enjoyed the facilities, endless pools, huge option for snacks, fun and creative activities, comfortable lounge chairs to relax.

It has to be said; I was impressed with the quality and effort that the staff made in making people feel comfortable , happy and VIP.

The difference in price from Riu to Riu Palace is well worth every penny !!

I have been at both, RIU Guanacaste and RIU Palace and the second one is far superior.

Now, would I recommend this hotel for weddings? that is the big question and the answer is…. YES, absolutely, I believe couples and guests will really have a great experience.

The price of the rooms are reasonable, so for Brides and Grooms looking to relax and not having to plan much , this works perfectly. They have packages pre-designed and lots of the services are actually included with the price of the rooms.

No need to purchase another dinner, shows and entertainment are available, and their standard packages do include flowers, cake, music and the basic services a wedding would need.

Couples can personalize their day by bringing their favorite vendors , but the hotel counts with all the services you may need.

The beach is pretty and offers beautiful spots for a wonderful ceremony and the rest of the facilities will definitely fulfill the need for an easy going wedding day !

Bring your planner from Costa Rica Paradise Wedding, to make sure everything is going to run smooth and nice on your wedding day.

And of course, write to our travel agency to get the best rates available for your group and let us help you through the booking, payment , arrival transportation to make sure your wedding week is a total success at the Riu Palace.

Located at the main road of Puerto Viejo : the only 4 start boutique hotel in the area, this property is not only a perfect location for a beach front wedding, but would be great for a honeymoon.

The decoration of the rooms is unique, all white, minimalist and peaceful. I found it very sexy and serene.

The social areas are all done with great sense of comfort and beauty.

White and nature blend perfectly at the restaurant, the swimming pool and deck. The private room at the second floor , is and unique and eclectic space , with a fun flair ,I cannot wait to have a dinner reception set at this site , each piece is totally matchless, but together it creates a perfect counterpart!

Right across the street, the beach of Cocles awaits, at their beach Club.

A manicured green garden, the perfect outdoor location, where I can picture white tents, pretty dressed tables lights and lots of flowers for an enchanted wedding.

This magnificent 10 bedroom villa, with breathtaking ocean view, executed by a talented and creative architect , David Konwiser, who owns the villa with his family is a dream come true for weddings and events.

Every single detail in the space was design to allow beauty and functional to blend and create the perfect atmosphere for splendid events.

Tropical green design, with modern and luxury style, where guest can experience a first class vacations, not only for the comfort and stoning details of their accommodation, but the VIP treatment they will receive from the staff at the villa, the in-site chef, the beach only a few steps away, the refreshing pool,

The possibilities are countless, from open outdoor space down the first floor to host a reception for a 100 people, to breathtaking top roof deck for the most romantic ceremony at sunset.

The house features the latest technology in sound and lighting, an industrial kitchen, an elevator , and public bathrooms in the first floor, turning this property into the perfect location , for a lifetime experience, from a 20 people Zen ceremony to a lavish 100 guest reception, this is the most elegant and exclusive wedding site available in Manuel Antonio.

Every single wedding we had hosted at this villa it has been a success, because half of the magic is there , at the property, the other half , you can bring it…