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It is our job to keep ourselves updated with new properties with potential for weddings.

And last low season, we visited a few renovated and improved great options.

I am not going to lie to you, all inclusives are not my first option for a wedding, but knowing that RIU Palace had been open for over a year, we decided to pay them a visit.

Arriving at night time, sexy purple and bright orange colurs welcomed us at the lobby, and after checking in, we discovered a pleasant modern décor in our room, following the same line, purple , black and white colors combined with elegance.

The next morning, we had a really nice breakfast at the buffet restaurant, the variety of food was amazing and everything was delicious and fresh!

For lunch we enjoyed a super big BBQ, including shrimps , lobster, and we had other meats for the main course…

At night time, we reserved at one of the restaurants “A la Carte” and we loved it, not only for the excellent quality of food, but also for the first class service we received all night.

Restaurante fusión “Krystal” Japanese restaurante: “Tokio”, restaurante italiano “L’Anfora”, and Grill-/Steakhouse “Papagayo”, all with delicious food , elegant decor and great presentation .

During the day, we enjoyed the facilities, endless pools, huge option for snacks, fun and creative activities, comfortable lounge chairs to relax.

It has to be said; I was impressed with the quality and effort that the staff made in making people feel comfortable , happy and VIP.

The difference in price from Riu to Riu Palace is well worth every penny !!

I have been at both, RIU Guanacaste and RIU Palace and the second one is far superior.

Now, would I recommend this hotel for weddings? that is the big question and the answer is…. YES, absolutely, I believe couples and guests will really have a great experience.

The price of the rooms are reasonable, so for Brides and Grooms looking to relax and not having to plan much , this works perfectly. They have packages pre-designed and lots of the services are actually included with the price of the rooms.

No need to purchase another dinner, shows and entertainment are available, and their standard packages do include flowers, cake, music and the basic services a wedding would need.

Couples can personalize their day by bringing their favorite vendors , but the hotel counts with all the services you may need.

The beach is pretty and offers beautiful spots for a wonderful ceremony and the rest of the facilities will definitely fulfill the need for an easy going wedding day !

Bring your planner from Costa Rica Paradise Wedding, to make sure everything is going to run smooth and nice on your wedding day.

And of course, write to our travel agency to get the best rates available for your group and let us help you through the booking, payment , arrival transportation to make sure your wedding week is a total success at the Riu Palace.

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