Beau Maisel


San José


For the last 18 years I have thrilled newlyweds with heartwarming, stunningly beautiful wedding videos. Beau Videos have world class production value yet are priced below the market! I have recently upgraded my video gear and editing suite to offer cinematic-style full high definition wedding videos. This includes multiple cameras, slider dolly shots, special effects, pro audio and lighting plus all the special touches.

Actual videos will be longer and include the full ceremony. The final videos are meticulously edited and personalized, then delivered digitally so there is no waiting for shipping and can be shared right away.

Video packages include my time spent onsite capturing footage with HD cameras, pro lighting and audio. That footage is taken to my studio and meticulously edited into a movie that is personalized to each couple. The final product is delivered digitally online in a format of their choice. DVD’s are also available, but they are becoming obsolete, just like the VHS tapes I delivered my first videos on.


Beautiful photography with affordable prices.


Beau shooting weddings in 1996 in Maui Hawaii and have been shooting weddings in Costa Rica since 2003. I offer world class wedding photography and video and have a flawless record of ecstatic brides. I understand the technical side of photography like proper lighting and posing, but make sure my subjects are having fun, making my photos seem candid and the experience enjoyable.

He speaks Spanish and knows the costarrican culture very well.


I met Beau a while ago and I really enjoyed his work, he is very professional and always excited about shooting weddings, adding more specific equipment, trying new technology, he is in constant moving and upgrading , if you could say that…

I found his price very affordable and his negotiation very simplified and easy.

Kathy and Edward’s Costa Rica Wedding Day from on Vimeo.

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