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San José

They travel to the entire country.


Gala provides led lounge furniture, in contemporary designs and colors.

They also offer ; led lamps and other elements to place in water or in other spaces to create different atmospheres with colorful lights.

From bars to cubes, balls, and hanging accessories, their equipment is modern and elegant.

They also have chargers in gold, silver and more rustic option in wash fabric.

A variety of beautiful tablecloths complete their collection.


30 employers


Gala is a much younger company , but moving faster into the market.

Their main product is led lounge furniture and they keep bringing innovations every day.

Linen, chargers, tables, their main tendency is modern, with many articles made of acrylic , glass and fiber glass.


The owners of Gala are young and innovated people, they provide rentals for most of the hotels and for big corporative events, they are a family bussines with a very professional approach, easy and fast, they can create an entire look for your event.


I really like the equipment of Gala, specially for outdoors events and poolside cocktails, their prices are very reasonable and they are very punctual and friendly.

All their equipment is brand new and they can send things in combinations with other companies.

Their staff does the entire setting and is very professional people, is always a pleasure to work with them.

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