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San José
They travel to the entire country.


Local company specialized on rental of basic linen, luxury linen, napkins, chairs, chargers and accessories.


20 people


Realce offers a really extensive range of tablecloths for all tastes and budgets. They have linen , cotton, silk, lace, organza and many more materials available to create any look you have in mind.

Those tablecloths come in many colors to combine with different styles.

They can also help you combining and they can come to your event to set the covers and add ribbons in different styles.

The staff is very creative and you can add bows, ribbons, jewels and other details to the table to make it look unique .

Among their equipment they count with chairs, chair covers, sofas and chargers in a smaller amount, but very unique.


Mrs. Marta has owned this rental company for more than 20 years now and she is one of pioneers in this bussines. With the support of her daughter, Laura, they manage to keep their equipment fresh and renovated, always presenting the more trendy looks in the industry.

They also make equipment for hotels, restaurants and condominiums.

They deliver all over the country, however, transportation and setting fees will always increase the cost.


I really like the equipment that Realce has to offer, especially because their prices are lower than other companies. They don’t have a big range of furniture which is a problem, because you have to rent from 2 companies and cover 2 transportations fees.

However, they have agrements with other companies that will take their equipment , avoiding high fees on rentals. They are flexible and happy to negotiate the most efficient way for you to get the equipment . the quality and variety of their equipment is good.

If you are looking for specific colors and materials, they can send photos of different options .

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