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Central Valley , San Jose
Travel to all the country, inside and outside Costa Rica


Zoom Zoom Film Productions film by Pilar Delgado, is a video producer in Costa Rica. Our concept is that each video must become a memory to share the rest of life.


We specialize in all types of Weddings, either religious (Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, etc.), civil, typical or renewal of vows. Therefore, large multi-day events as small and very intimate ceremonies


We have over 5 years of experience. We filmed all events, in different locations (beach, mountains) inside and outside our borders. We recorded Weddings in different languages, rituals characteristic of each culture and singularities and occurrences according to the taste of the couple.

Further diversify our packages with previous sessions: Recording the preparation of the bride / shoot / rehearsal dinners

Optional: photographs of the couple’s / honeymoon / interviews

Courtesy: Web summary, a song of the highlights of the wedding which our customers can make public and forward to your friends and family.



Wedding Summary:

Video Booth:


This local company does a wonderful job with their videos, the editing is done by the owner, Pilar, who has been trained with the best professionals in the country and she does not miss a detail, delivering, a tasteful, entertaining,  and meaningful wedding video.

Every couple that has used their services has been very happy with the results and the low prices!!

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